Shade #2

The year is 2099 and a devastating war that lasted for almost 20 years is coming to an end - a war between humans and evos, a new race that emerged from the ashes of a biological attack on the entire earth. World War 3 as they call it shall be remembered as the last war on the entire planet, as a world peace treaty has been signed by all nations that remained.


Jara Bint Rih was a soldier in this war - fighting for America, the place of her birth and a world free of oppression for everyone, human and mutant alike. But that belief cost her dearly. In an attack on her convoy she and her comrades were slaughtered. Most died and her spine was destroyed. Now she is confined to a wheelchair - alive but disgraced.


Living alone in the poor district of New York she spends her days in her friend Lucia's garage, searching for remnants from the past. But her world is about to change forever...

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