Men with Power

The dawn of bio-engineering changed the criminal landscape for the worse. Genetic modification and bio-organic weapons have revolutionized the black markets and gave rise to a new kind of criminal: The Geneticist. These "doctors" play god with the lives of millions of people. No longer are gangs limited by their own poor abilities or intellect. If they can pay, they get equipped with the latest in genetic and cybernetic advancements.


This process is of course highly illegal, but since when has that ever stopped criminals from doing what they do? They are criminals after all. Genetically enhanced criminals overpower the police already, but their growing numbers make matters worse than they already are.


What these dark times need are heroes that are not afraid to fight back, that go to the ends of the earth to save us. But how desperate must a man be if he risked losing it all to fight back? Only if you have already lost everything, you have nothing left to lose...

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  • von ERMedia am 07.01.2013 um 19:04 Uhr

    Danke, freut mich :)

    Nunja, ich denke die Bilder sprechen für sich. Da das ganze von einem Internationalem Team gemacht wird, ist Englisch ein muss. Der Zeichner selbst spricht ja kein Deutsch und der Lettered das ganze auch basierend auf meinen Scripten :)

  • von Tribun am 01.01.2013 um 16:50 Uhr

    Interessanter Zeichnungen. Gefällt mir richtig gut. Leider nur in Englisch, denn Englisch ist nicht gerade meine stärke. Aber trotzdem 5 Sterne für die Super Zeichnungen.